Why Multi-Tasking Is Destroying Your Business

WAIT… WHAT! Now before you start yelling at your computer screen and posting all over Facebook that I’m a crazy lady give me a minute….

Picture this…. You have finally settled down to work on that next big project for your business, to write that important email or to knock out that next great blog post for your list and then DING your email goes off.

It’s an important message from a client that needs to be actioned right away, ok you will just take a moment to answer this and get back into what you were planning to do.

Then you see it….

15 alerts on your Facebook tab, so you quickly click over to see what those are all about and if there is anything that needs to be delt with straight away. Ok… Back to what you were doing…. YAY! Someone just retweeted your post. Fabulous, you better send them a quick tweet back to say thanks. Hang on… What’s this interesting article that your friend has retweeted. You start reading it and think that this is something that would be of value to your clients so you pin it to your Pintrest page.

Your email dings again….

Three new customer service emails. You have to answer those. Then your phone buzzes with a text from a business partner and then suddenly….. YOUR DAY HAS DISAPPEARED! And you are left asking yourself – “Where did the time go? I haven’t achieved anything that I needed to achieve today!”

It’s a common question and one that I get asked by entrepreneurs across the globe everyday. So many entrepreneurs believe that the solution to this problem lies in the latest productivity tool or system or planner…. But that only fixes HALF of the problem! Don’t get me wrong these tools will assist you in organizing your day, but they aren’t going to help you to create more hours in the day.

What you actually need is CLARITY!

You’re ALWAYS going to be busy in your business

…Sometimes overwhelmingly busy. I get it, I’ve been there, HECK sometimes i’m still there. Sometimes I’m still in that place where you never seem to get anything done and your to do list seems to be growing by the minute. You’re so busy worrying about the little things that you never have time to focus on the BIG things. The things that I refer to as your $10,000 tasks. The tasks that are going to move your business forward and take you to the next level.

Setting your intentions and getting clear on your goals for your business will help you to cut the clutter and decide which tasks are essential and which tasks are just noise that doesn’t need to be actioned straight away.

Too often, we get stuck on the little tasks that are the loudest, the ones that will cry out for your attention claiming to be important, but they’re not. When instead we should be focusing our attention on those tasks that ARE important, those $10,000 tasks, those tasks that are essential in the growth of your business.

Which leads me back to my original statement….. Multi-tasking is destroying your productivity. Multi-tasking has tricked you into thinking you’re getting more done, but actually, you’re diluting your focus. Your trying to juggle everything but not actually completing anything.


Why Multi-tasking is DESTROYING Your Productivity-1

Studies show that only 2% of the population are actually good at multi-tasking. 2%! So the likelihood that you’re part of that small group is TINY!

Just stop and think about that for a minute…. If you are one of the 98% that ISN’T good at multi-tasking it means that there is actually a net loss of both time and efficiency when you switch from one task to another. And the more complicated the tasks, the more focus you lose every time you switch to another task or try to juggle a couple of tasks at the same time.

So if you one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who find themselves with 15 tabs open on your browser, switching over from your email to your Facebook to your desktop, answering phone calls and juggling questions from team members – all whilst your trying to write content or create a product… then STOP! Your driving your business BACKWARDS!


I know that this may seem counter intuitive at first, I hear you, but the more you focus on one task at a time the more efficient you will become. Start by scheduling your day to work on one task at a time. Ask yourself – What are the big money making task that you need to be performing now? What tasks can be actioned later? And, what tasks can be outsourced? Then STICK TO IT! You’ll be more realistic with what you can actually achieve, and you will end up getting more done in the long run.

It was when I finally applied this principal to my business that the pieces of the puzzle finally seemed to come together. I wasn’t as stressed, I had more energy, became noticeably more focused and found that I started creating some of my GREAT work. The work that made by body tingle with excitement, the work that I had always envisaged myself creating and sharing with the world, the work that feed my soul. It was also the time that my business soared from $25k a year to multiple 6 figures within a couple of months.

To help me structure my day and create that clarity I developed this Productivity Planner, which I now want to share with you so you can find that clarity within your business. So you can clear the clutter and focus your attention on the tasks that matter so you don’t get trapped addressing all of the “urgent” tasks all of the time. So you are able to find the headspace, energy and time to attend to those BIG money making tasks, the tasks that are going to bring you the most revenue TODAY for your business. So you and your business can reach your TRUE potential and become what you were always destined to become…. GREAT!

Ladies, it’s time to stop trying to be superwoman and instead start being a SUPER WOMAN!

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