The UGLY Side Of Business.

Recently it was brought to my attention that one of the attendees from an event I recently held had not only taken everything that had been taught at the event and copied it WORD FOR WORD but that she was also approaching my clients to try and convince them that she was “better” and “cheaper”. YUCK!

I have to admit though….. Even though I am an experienced coach and this is not my first rodeo, I still found myself feeling shocked, offended and if I am being completely honest….. I felt violated.

I mean WHO was this person? WHO did they think they were to forge and lay claim to the work that I had spend countless hours developing? And WHAT made them think that it was ok to then go and try to make a “quick buck” off it?! This was time away from my family, this was years of experience, this was my blood, sweat and tears and here they were trying to profit off MY work!


But then as I sat down that night with a hot cup of tea and really thought about it, it suddenly hit me…. I felt sorry for her!

Everything in business involves competition. No doubt. Even if you discover a micro-niche with no competitors in sight, sooner or later, people will start sitting up and taking note of your success and guaranteed they are going to want a piece of the pie.

But here’s the thing – If you are copying another person’s work/product/services then you are not only devaluing your own experiences and knowledge but you are also not allowing yourself to shine in the magnificent way that only you can!

No-one has your experiences, no-one has your knowledge, no-one has that secret sauce that only you can bring to the table but if you are pretending to be someone that your not then you are never going to give the world a chance to see those beautiful gifts that lie within you.

The simple fact is that the business model that you are pretending is your own simply isn’t sustainable!

And trust me when I say – That it only ever ends in disaster!

Because as hard as you try to make it work, the truth will eventually come out that this is NOT YOUR great work and the value, the results, the satisfaction that you promised your newly found clients doesn’t exist and slowly the requests will start rolling in for their money to be refunded leaving you feeling deflated and defeated.

Let me tell you a story…. A long time ago, way back at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I thought that if I was going to be successful, if I was going to “make it” that I had to be more like the other successful women in business that I looked up to.

So I structured my business and branding to reflect more towards what they were doing. The truth was, I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there, to make myself vulnerable and possibly be rejected. I mean, what if no-one wanted what I had to offer? So I worked on becoming more like who I “thought” I should be instead of who I really was, and this worked for awhile. I landed some fantastic clients and my business was growing steadily BUT I wasn’t happy! And for the life of my I couldn’t understand why!

But as time went on and I had a good hard look in the mirror it dawned on me…. The clients that I was attracting weren’t MY tribe. The work that I was doing wasn’t MY great work and the business that I had created didn’t set MY soul on fire because I wasn’t living MY purpose and as long as I was pretending to be someone that I wasn’t I would NEVER be happy!

The point to my story is – You can’t be anyone BUT you! It simply doesn’t work! Eventually everyone will see right through you and they will quickly realise that the message you are putting out there, the content that you are releasing and the material that you are teaching are NOT in alignment with YOUR experiences, YOUR knowledge and most of all YOUR purpose!

So no i’m not angry at the person who stole my content, unfortunately this happens ALL the time, she isn’t the first and she wont be the last. However I do feel sad that this women doesn’t see the value in her own gifts and whilst she doesn’t see the value in her own gifts then no-one else will ever have the chance to either!

My advice to you, if you are out there copying someone else’s idea or work, whether it is profit or not….. Just remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Take the time to get to know you and what your purpose is. You were born for greatness,  you just need to be brave enough to step up and OWN IT!

Trust me – YOU’VE GOT THIS!


  1. YOU MAY HAVE THE INFORMATION BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE: You can find information about just about anything on the internet these days but that doesn’t mean that you have the experience or knowledge to use it. Every experience, every mistake, every win has made you who you are today and that makes you more qualified than anyone to do what is within your zone of genius and live your purpose. HOWEVER, if you are busy laying claim to someone else’s work then your skill set isn’t matched to deliver or use this information that you are providing because often what you see on the internet is only the tip of the iceberg and we all know that to provide TRUE value you need to be able to GO DEEP and PULL out the results and this is something that only experience can provide.
  2. THIS IS NOT YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS: If you are copying someone else then you haven’t truly figured out where your zone of genius lies or in other words your identity. So take the time to spend on yourself to know who you truly are and what makes you unique. Once you do this you will soon see doors start opening where you never knew there were doors before.
  3. WHERE IS YOUR TRIBE: The simple fact is, you are never going to be attract YOUR tribe whilst you are pretending to be someone that your not. Think about it – Authenticity has become a HUGE part of our current culture. People are attracted to businesses/ people who are authentic and are being themselves and if you are to scared to show the world who you TRULY are then how are you ever going to attract your tribe! So just be the SUPERSTAR that you truly are!
  4. MONEY ISN’T THE ROOT OF ALL HAPPINESS: One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs copy other entrepreneurs is because they see their success and they want a piece of the action but this isn’t going to make you happy. Sure it will be fun for awhile watching the dollars roll in but eventually that creative goddess inside of you is going to want MORE! She is going to want to create products/programs/solutions that will add value to your life and to the those who you are serving. Don’t let a scarcity mindset control you. Once you have the courage to step up and put yourself out there, focusing on what YOU can deliver and that VALUE that only you can provide that’s when the magic happens and all of the pieces of the puzzle start coming together.
  5. IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE – YOU WILL BE DISCOVERED: You can’t be anyone BUT you! Everyone else is taken.  Eventually everyone will see right through you, the facade wont last forever, and people will quickly realise that the message your putting out there, the content that your releasing and the material that your teaching are NOT in alignment with YOUR experiences, YOUR knowledge and most of all YOUR purpose and you will be dropped quicker than you can say COPYCAT! Think of the person that you are copying from and how they must be feeling. Do you really want to be known for being THAT person? A person who only thought of themselves and was happy to forge other people’s hard work? Not to mention that by forging other people’s work/product/ service can lead to some very serious consequences. So STOP DOING IT because you WILL BE CAUGHT!