Katrina is a powerful speaker on women’s leadership, business and empowerment.

As an accomplished business leader and trailblazer for women’s entrepreneurial success, an experienced coach and a gifted communicator, Katrina brings enormous energy, expertise and insights to her presentations.

In the years that Katrina has been a speaker and coach she has delivered moving and powerful messages to thousands of women from across the globe, from entrepreneurs, to corporate, to not-profit to women’s groups.

During her presentations, Katrina draws upon her inspiring experiences, business acum and personal wisdom, all whilst presenting it in a way that deeply resonates with the audience and rationalises the changes they need to make to further their work and their lives.

Wether it be a customised presentation, half or full day workshop or addressing the audience with one of her powerhouse pre-designed presentations, Katrina covers a variety of topics including;

  • The New Sisterhood- How Modern Networking Has Changed How We Do Business.
  • You Inc! How to be CEO of You Inc.
  • Attract More Business and Higher Paying Clients with On-line Positioning.
  • The Road Back To Me- The Power of Your Mindset and How To Turn a Negative Into A Positive.
  • Break The Mould, Become A Trailblazer and Create A Tribe That Will Take You From Success To Significance.

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