Is Your Perfectionism Crushing Your Productivity?

I know who you are – We’ve met before!

You are someone who endlessly tweaks your creations and has a hard time releasing them out into the world.

You agonise and obsess over every last detail until it gets to the point that it is NEVER finished because it is NEVER “ready”.

In other words – Your perfectionism is CRUSHING your productivity.

I can relate – In fact the reason why I know you so well is because I used to be just like you. As someone with high standards who cares deeply about the quality of what I produce, I am oh so familiar with the seductive pull to polish into perfection – and well let’s face it….. It’s never perfect!

So when do you know that enough is enough? When do you know if your work is ready to be released out into the world for people to see?

The answer to this is simple…. Just remember these three simple words,


Perfectionism will KILL your dream. It is the one thing that separates the winners from the wanna be’s in almost EVERY area of life.

The goal is to keep yourself in a growth orientated mindset all of the time. So learning, experimenting and simply just putting things out there.

This is not to say that you should be lowering your standards and just putting stuff out there. You should always work really hard and focus on providing value for your clients. You always have to put in your very best effort BUT when it comes to tweaking, tweaking, tweaking all that is, is a manifestation or a disguise for procrastination or fear.

The fact is – No matter how perfect you think it is that your working on, you are more than likely going to change it after you have put it out there.

Mr Reid Hoffman hit the nail on the head when he said;

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product then you have launched it to late!”

Gosh, if I think back to some of my earlier work it is cringe worthy. In fact some of it makes me embarrassed just thinking about it BUT the important thing to remember that this is also GROWTH.

I learnt lessons from EVERYTHING that I did and then I implemented those lessons into my future work.

I will never stop learning and growing and it is this that has seen my business go from strength to strength each and every year. It it this that has seen my work recognised by some of the worlds most influential people and publications.

I am relentless when it comes to learning, evolving and growing and I think that you should be too. You have to keep moving!

So whenever you find yourself getting sucked into that sink hole otherwise known as perfectionism remember this;

“If you wait until it is perfect you’ll never get it out there.”

It doesn’t need to be perfect to help your clients but it does need to be out there!

So stop procrastinating, stop focusing on what is “wrong” with it or what could be “better” and just get it out there!

How else are you going to make the impact you were born to make?

And if you are still struggling with the demon of perfectionism but KNOW that this is your time to put yourself out there and SHINE brighter than you ever have before than i’ve got you!

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