The Things I Know For Sure….

So last week it was my birthday and I found myself looking back over the last year and all of the years before that (i’m sure i’m not the only one who does this on the eve of their birthday), and whilst most people would be struggling with the fact that they are turning a year older I found myself doing something that I didn’t think that I would be doing…. Celebrating it!

You see over the last decade or so and more specifically the last 6 years, I have been on a HUGE journey, a transformation essentially. A transformation from the women I thought that I “SHOULD” be into the women that I knew that I “WANTED” to be, and even though this is still a work in progress (I think it always will be if i’m being completely honest) I am so proud and thankful for the lessons, the struggles and the growth that I have experienced throughout this time.

When you are going through any sort of transformation or transition it can be a struggle. These times have a way of destroying you and empowering you all at the same time. It’s uncanny and it’s definitely not easy in any sense of the word. One day you will be on a high and feeling as though you can conquer the world and then there are so many other times that you have to conjure the strength to keep going when you don’t feel as though you have any strength left to give.

But it’s once you break through to the other side, that the realisation, the empowerment, the strength and the knowledge that you gain from those challenging times reveal themselves to you.

There is a saying that says;


And over the years, and i’m sure that many of you can relate, I have found this to be true time and time again, which is why I was inspired to write this blog. Because if I can help just ONE women on her journey and make it that little bit easier for her by sharing my experiences and lessons, then all of the pain, all of the highs and all of the lows would be been put to good use.

So here are a few of the things that I know for sure….

DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Life is always busy and chaotic, meaning that sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed or as though everything is spiralling out of control, which is why it is so important not to sweat the small stuff. Instead try focusing on the bigger things, the things that are important, the things that are going to make a big impact in your life and create more space in your brain for you to think and breathe. When you steer your focus towards the more prominent aspects of your life, the smaller things always seems to work themselves out.

LEAD WITH LOVE This was such a hard lesson for me to learn and not because I had trouble approaching things from a place of love but because I had a lot of trouble finding that middle ground between the strong, independent woman that I had been for the majority of my life and to embrace my feminine energy and be more vulnerable so I was able to let go of the past and everything that had happened to me throughout my life so I was able to just let the love shine through. So I was able to let myself operate from a place of forgiveness but at the same time not allow people to walk all over me. No war was ever won with hatred and I guarantee that if you embrace your feminine energy and approach everything from a place of love than you will feel more in control of your destiny, your emotions and most of all you will feel the freedom to shine bright like the diamond that you are.

TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOU & PROTECT YOUR ENERGY Who here has been guilty of this one? I know that I have! We are so busy looking after everyone and everything else that we often forget to look after the one person who keeps everything together… OURSELVES! Have you ever been on an airplane and listened to the air hostess run through the emergency procedures? What do they tell you? They tell you that in the case of an emergency you should put your air mask on yourself first and then move to assisting others with theirs. They tell you this because if you don’t take care of yourself first, if you can’t breathe, if you can’t function or think straight or are stressed and overwhelmed then how on earth are you supposed to be of any value to anyone else. You CAN’T! You need to take the time to nourish you soul, to relax, to eat healthy, to exercise, to catch up with your favourite soul sisters and laugh until you can’t laugh any more. No matter what it is that recharges and relaxes you DO IT! You not only deserve it, you need it!

SIMPLICITY IS KEY  Clean out your house, clean out your business, clean out your mind and clean out your life of clutter. The ancient Chinese method of feng shui emphasises releases all clutter. Clutter has a profound impact on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The value of clearing the clutter is that it releases vital energy that helps with mental clarity, inspiration and even our earning capacity! So clear and release girlfriend so that new, bigger and brighter things can come into your life.

OPERATE FROM WHERE YOU WANT TO BE This was something that I was taught to do very early on in my journey. You see everyone starts out at the same place. It’s what they do, what decisions they make and most importantly what actions they take that determine where they are today. So don’t hold yourself back, give yourself permission to shine, let yourself be the amazing, fierce lady boss that you know that you are. If you start operating from where you want to be, if you start living the life that you know that you should be living, than the universe and the law of attraction will reward your hard work with results, and before you know it you find yourself exactly where you wanted to be.

MINDSET – I could talk about this topic for days! Your mindset holds the key to your success both personally and professionally. Let’s be honest, this gig is tough and if you are not on top of your game, if your mindset is not in the right space then it wont be long before you find everything comes falling down around you. Throughout your journey you are going to experience high highs and low lows but the key is to always have a strong and positive mindset. When your cashing in your chips and are winning, take a moment to take it all in and acknowledge the hard work and determination that got you there, but when the chips are down and things aren’t going your way, make sure you love yourself, stay positive and look for the lesson that is stored within the situation. I have been faced with A LOT of challenges throughout my life and I often have people ask me how I stay so positive? And what I have found works  best for me and keeps the world looking as though it is full of possibilities is by remembering a) Who I am and b) What my purpose is and why. By remembering these two things I am able to keep my mind in a positive mindset and see the lesson in the situation, learn the lesson and then move forward taking with me my new found knowledge.

YOU ARE WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH – Boy is the one a goodie! Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, people who support you, people who are where you want to be and most of all people who encourage you because they see all of the greatness within you is one of the best lessons that I can share with you. Around 3 years ago I made this shift myself and went through a big “clean out” of all of the people in my life who weren’t contributing to my life in a positive way. For the couple of years prior to that I had been feeling more and more frustrated because no matter what I did, no matter what action I toke or how much I put myself out there, I not only wasn’t moving forward but I was also feeling so bad within myself that I didn’t feel as though I was worth any success that did come my way. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom and the peak of my frustration that I realised that there were only a very small handful of people within my inner circle that actually supported me and who actively believed in me. It was in this moment that I knew that if I wanted to be the amazing lady boss that I knew I was and live my purpose than I needed to make changes, I needed to give my inner circle a make over and I needed to do it FAST! So I did. I now only surround myself with people who contribute to my life in a positive way and who constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself possible.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO SHINE – You were born for greatness so let yourself shine bright like the diamond that you are. The world needs that special gift that ONLY YOU have to offer. So let go of the idea of who you SHOULD be and step into the magnificent lady boss that you ARE! It doesn’t matter if no on else sees your vision or understands your journey. it’s not their life so how could they! Instead shake off the hesitation, take a deep breath and step into your greatness, it’s all waiting for you – You just need to have the courage to go for it!

GRATITUDE – Oprah once said, “Be grateful for the things in your life and if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for than be grateful for you breath.” I first heard this when I was in my early 20’s and it has stayed with my ever since. Every night before I go to bed I write 3 things that I am grateful for that day. You will never have a fulfilled life of abundance if your not grateful for the gifts that you already have. Trust me there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, including the simple yet most precious gift of them all… That you are ALIVE! So if you don’t already have a gratitude diary I would highly recommend that you get one. Sometimes we take for granted just how lucky we really are.

ALWAYS BE THE FABULOUS QUEEN THAT YOU ARE – You are a QUEEN and don’t you ever forget that. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how many people put you down or doubt you for living your purpose, telling you, “It can’t be done!” No matter what life throws at you, it’s important that you ALWAYS remember the beautiful and powerful queen that you are. When things got hard for Kate Middleton before she married Prince William did you see her let the world get the better of her? NO! She remembered who she was and she stood tall, not letting anyone shake her down. You are the ruler of your universe. You are in control of your destiny and you were born for a life of greatness, no matter what that looks like. So stand up tall, hold your head up high and be the strong and loving Queen that you are.

THERE IS A LESSON IN EVERY EXPERIENCE & MISTAKE – Life always has more lessons. The universe is our teacher. So instead of being so hard on yourself and beating yourself up over every tiny mistake that you have ever made, look for the lesson within those mistakes. Trust me, I have made my fair share of mistakes and I have no doubt that I will continue to make mistakes, but it’s these mistakes that often teach us the most valuable lessons. So stop being so hard on yourself and start looking at your failures or mistakes as a victory instead of a loss – because sometimes they are actually the biggest wins of them all!


Your desires are a safe guidance. You can officially let go of the idea that there is only one right way to do things. I want you to stop and ask yourself…. “What do I want?” Have you got it? Now I want you to design your life and your business around what you want your life to look like. This will mean looking and feeling the fear of strategic risk and doing it anyway…. But that’s okay.

If you keep your intentions pure and you show up to do the work, you can’t mess it up! You can’t and WONT mess it up!

If you cut out the noise and brush away the fears you will soon see that you can be anyone and do anything that you want to do. The world is your oyster! Don’t be like so many others who get to the end of their life and say “I wish I had of….. ” instead be the person who just DID IT!

By all means I am not saying that it is going to be easy, but I am saying that it will be WORTH IT!


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